Ljubljana is an important railroad junction and can be reached by trains from all major European cities. The railway station is within walking distance of the city centre.


Arriving to Ljubljana by car is easy. Listed below are distances to some nearby cities: 

  • Trieste (Italy) - 95 km
  • Venice (Italy) - 242 km 
  • Klagenfurt (Austria) - 83 km
  • Vienna (Austria) - 380 km
  • Munich (Germany) - 408 km 


Ljubljana is best served by its International Airport at Brnik, 23 km northwest of the city, with daily connections to most major European cities. From the airport, Ljubljana can be easily reached either by bus shuttle service to Ljubljana bus station (approx. EUR 10) or by taxi (approx. EUR 40). 

You may also find it convenient to use one of the neighbouring airports such as: 

  • Trieste - Ronchi (Italy), 128 km southwest of Ljubljana 
  • Klagenfurt (Austria), 90 km north of Ljubljana 
  • Zagreb - Pleso (Croatia), 141 km southeast of Ljubljana 


There are direct flights to Ljubljana from: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belgrade, Birmingham, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Moscow, Munich, Ohrid, Paris, Podgorica, Prague, Pristina, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tirana, Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich.

Important: an early booking of your flight is strongly recommended!